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What You'll Find Inside

Section 1: Before You Invest a Dime
Chapter 1 So You Want to Be A Real Estate Investor?
Chapter 2 What it Takes to be a Successful Landlord?

Section 2: Professionals Never Wing It And “Wingers” Lose Money!
Chapter 3 Why Do Most Landlords Prefer “Residential”?
Chapter 4 Tenant Occupancy – Residential or Mixed-Use Buildings?
Chapter 5 The Buy and Hold Versus Flip Conundrum
Chapter 6 To Self-Manage or Property Manage

Section 3: It’s A Business – Manage It Well and Reap the Rewards
Chapter 7 Expert Tips on First Impression
Chapter 8 Pets & Your Tenants
Chapter 9 Why Courts Like Tenants More Than Landlords
Chapter 10 11 Insider Secrets to Saving on Your Rental and More
Chapter 11 Tenants Are Not Your Friends
Chapter 12 Rental Agreement Musts
Chapter 13 Landlord Do’s & Don’ts with Tenants
Chapter 14 What Type of Tenant Do You Want?
Chapter 15 Are Section 8 Tenants Right for You?
Chapter 16 Best Time of the Year to Get a Tenant
Chapter 17 Handling Evictions the Right Way
Chapter 18 Quick Action for Vacancies - Marketing Your Properties

Section 4: Protect Your Property – And ALL Your Assets – From Financial Disaster
Chapter 19 What to Look for in an Insurance Agent & How to Find a Good One
Chapter 20 Why Insurance Specialists are Worth Their Weight in Gold
Chapter 21 Having the Right Insurance Protection – What You Need to Know to Succeed
Chapter 22 Smart Investors Build an Expert Team
Chapter 23 Secrets to Saving Money on Your Real Estate Premiums
Chapter 24 Landlord Insurance – Why it is needed
Chapter 25 Ins & Outs of Umbrella Liability Insurance
Chapter 26 The Inside Scoop on Admitted & Non-Admitted Insurance Companies
Chapter 27 What is a BOP or CPP and Why You Need to Know
Chapter 28 How “Blanketing” Can Keep You Out of Trouble
Chapter 29 Vacant vs Occupied & Your Liability
Chapter 30 Tips for Insuring Multiple Locations
Chapter 31 The Insurance Claims Process & What You Need to Know
Chapter 32 One Size Does Not Fit All

Section 5: Maximize Your Financial Windfall
Chapter 33 Tax Benefits of Rental Properties
Chapter 34 1031 Exchange & Capital Gains
Chapter 35 Real Estate Investing & Inheritance
Chapter 36 Insider Investment Tips
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